Medison Venture Partner



Why team up with MVP?

- A team with long experience
- Worldwide network 
- Proven high record
- Knowledge from many areas
- Many satisfied partners
- More than 15 years on the field.

Medison can Venture Partner in

San Francisco - Fashion & Modelling
San Francisco - Music & Concerts
San Francisco - Sports & Sports Events
San Franciso - E-commerce

San Francisco - Internet & Social Media
San Franisco - APP's, C2C and B2C primarily
San Rafael - Beverages
New York - Media & Advertising
Fayetteville - Education and Academic Courses
Fayetteville - Crowdfunding


Sweden - Fundraising & Education (MOOC's)
EU-region - Fundraising

South America

Brazil, Sao Paulo - Fundraising, Export & Import



A Venture Partner

We are accomplished venture partners, former CEO's, senior executives, senior Models and TV-hosts, international technology developers, e-commerce and education company founders. 

A Venture Partner identifies and values best ways to the market through and active and professional engagement in the company values and treats the company or people assets with highest confidentiality. This is why we work with innovative companies and professionals with great potential. As a Venture Partner we define what steps need to be taken before introducing to venture capital firms and manufacturing companies or an agency, production company or record company. 

A real Venture Partner is willing to take risks and therefore also takes a stake from the success. Venture Capitalists typically enter only when there is nothing to lose. A Venture Partner understands the need for a world class, multi-functional team and measures performance in loyalty and to get things done.

Medison Venture Partner knows how to help from the early stage of an idea or career and turn it into a patent application as well as an issued patent or a signed contract with an agency or recording company. 

An analysis for companies using our SMENET tool, powered by EquityNet, is enough to read and understand to make decisions. The final Business plan should be done last. A Sales Pitch is one of the mist essential parts a Venture Partner should know about and help with. You only have seconds to make a first impression.

With tight collaboration with successful people on the market we decide what artists, models, musicians and athletes have a great potential.