Medison Venture Partner



Why team up with MVP?

- A team with long experience
- Worldwide network 
- Proven high record
- Knowledge from many areas
- Many satisfied partners
- More than 15 years on the field.


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"We believe in helping people, entrepreneurs and companies. We have been out there, done the journey and know the market. The perfect Venture Partner is the one who succeeded and failed from personal experience, who is present on several continents and has got a worldwide network. We believe our long history is our strength where we have learned what mistakes to avoid."
The Founder of Medison

Our Portfolio contains of various companies, projects and prospects. The wide range of ........ and the broad and international network  makes us a unique Venture Partner. Few companies can compete with our experience and results. 

Medison Venture Partner is located in a region where many different companies of the future grow up. From the Internet and Social Media dot com'ers i Silicon Valley - to the wine countries of Napa and Sonoma Valley in California. Medison VP also has an office in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where some of the biggest American companies have their headquarters. The strategic locations are also close to some of the worlds most well known universities such as for an example Stanford, Berkeley and University of Arkansas, with whom we have very close cooperation.