Medison Venture Partner



Why team up with MVP?

- A team with long experience
- Worldwide network 
- Proven high record
- Knowledge from many areas
- Many satisfied partners
- More than 15 years on the field.

Long Term Services

Company Management - Our team can take lead as interim management as well as long term management into your company. Depending on the needs and expectations from investors and the market we tailor make the management for your company.

Board of Advisors - Most of the times it is important that the founders or inventors are running the company. We can step in as Advisors when needed. Our long time network that reaches far abroad can be very essential to your company.

Board of Directors - Our Team members can take place on your board to help focusing the business on the right goals and missions. Our experience will be valuable to your team as well as important for the trust from the investors.

B- and C Investment Rounds - When established and ready for next round of venture capital, we can help through our big network among investors, VC's and Crowdfunding tool. 


Our Services

Although we might seem to be a company of diversity, we are well known to be able to focus and bring a company all the way to the end of line and reach the goals. We have been out there, done the journey and know the market. The perfect Venture Partner is the one who succeeded and failed from personal experience, who is present on several continents and has got a worldwide network. We believe our long history is our strength where we have learned what mistakes to avoid.

Medison VP is run from our head office in California. Since we care located fro the West Coast to the East Coast - as well as in between - we are a strategic venture partner with many years of experience in helping companies with fundraising and introducing them to an established market. The only limit for how far we bring you are your own dreams.